Monday, August 27, 2007

A poem I wrote on August, 2005


Evening not faraway,
Long legged birds at water
Edge, in haste with wings stretched
They bend necks, in moments
Two leafed saplings have sprung
Upon river bank place.

Quickly flapping their wings
Masses of them soar high,
White currents in the sky
Can the sea up be met?
Wondering, river looks.


eve's lungs said...

Dear Taj - Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment . I have enjoyed reading your poetry in the past and I hope you continue with it despite your horizons broadening in a different way in the near future . This is a longish comment - but I couldnt help agreeing with Sati kakima's perspective on nature poetry . If you read the Romantics you will find that whatever they have written is timeless despite being penned at least 200 years ago . I derive a lot of peace and joy from listening to Rabindrasangeet especially the songs pertaining to nature . So carry on drawing word pictures in your inimitable way . May your blog prosper ! Ruma Kaki

Don Iannone said...

What a lovely depiction, and just the right words used.

floots said...

thanks for visiting and giving me the chance of seeing your work
i particularly liked "rain in the countryside"
as to nature poems - i can only say that nature remains a constant source of wonder and inspiration to me

Deva said...

Yes, the sea up is met by the white currents rising from the river - perhaps you!

indicaspecies said...

You have a cute blog of sweet poems!
I write poems on and off and you will find a few on my blog. Just last week I wrote one on a Himalayan Brook.
Here's the link if you wish to go through: