Saturday, August 18, 2007

This is what Mrs. Sati Chatterjee,retired professor of English of Jadavpur University e-mail-ed to me-

I read your poems.The poems read well, and along with the pictures they evoke the ambience.
I do not wholly accept your comment that poems
appreciating the beauties of nature have gone out of
fashion; I would modify and add that beauties of
nature are now integrated into the other responses in
man's life -- obviously growing in complexity. As a
result nature poetry keeps changing its face, and its
position in our life. Yet nature remains the backdrop,
provides the scaffolding; and our emotion intertwine.
So, do write nature poems, undeterred by changes in
fashion. Fashions wear off, style remains.
.... sati dida


Anonymous said...

I agree with her. -Deva

Deva said...

Sorry, gliches had occurred while posting the above comment.
I agree with Satidi that different strands of experience can be interwoven with nature to offer a rich texture of expression and meaning. This applies to different forms of art. However, good poems or other artistic creations that are pristinely about nature can be valid and timeless, whatever trends or fashions may prevail at a given time.

Anonymous said...

i agree-indranimasi