Monday, September 24, 2007

A Poem


Leaves shake, water rise
Once sleepy mirror
The pond - turbulent!
The swimming serpent's
Slithering slim self -
Shifting enhanced waves.

Last gulp of water
Last deer quickly takes,
Hurries deep in green
Along with its mates.
Proud tiger raises
His furious face
Who has roared louder
In his dwelling place?


Kalyan said...

lovely have crafted it so beautifully and along with it a nice pic too...wonderful poem!

Deva said...

The framer of his immortal symmetry?


Brian said...

I like the 'wildness' of your poetry.

Thanks for visiting.

Manimala said...

Excellently crafted.

floots said...

love the idea of the storm and the tiger roaring
thank you