Monday, September 3, 2007

A poem I wrote in summer (2005), a time when we look forward to rain


Nimbo-stratus clouds
Spread across the sky
Like wing of a bird
Each feather of it -
The clouds' each layer.

Softens soil, from seeds
Spring saplings, forests
Back in green, mountain
Rivers regain roar.

Barrier free breathe,
Earth in strange new lights.

Rainbow's seven strips -
Orbits of planet
Partial to eyes.


gautami tripathy said...

Nature poem are always so refreshing.

floots said...

all part of the cycle
you have caught the essence of it all
well done

Sati Chatterjee said...

Lahari, at last I am here and I can leave my comments.
Very interesting to note how others, persons I know and do not know, react to your poems.
Add the newer compositions. Some of them are really good. sati dida

Deva said...

To eyes certainly. To an extent your imagery lends itself well to abstract or geometrical form - maybe we should try it at some point.

Anonymous said...

sather chabita kabitar sathe ato sundar milechhe.....

Shinjini said...

ami khub beshi kobita bujhi na...tobe barsha ritu k nijer shaishab thekei bhalobeshe eshechi..jotoi she dukhjagania hok..tobuo she boro shundor..srija..ebong trishito prithibir jibon daini..ei essence ta ei brishtir snigdhota ti khub sundar kore kobita tir moddhey die prokashito hoyche..bhari sundar ta thik shobdo na..bola jae bhari snigdho..

sap rish said...

it is beautiful how you relate yhe cloud with different natural elements , how they are effected by the coming of rain in a very rhthymic way.