Monday, October 8, 2007



The butterfly
Sitting pretty
On flower top
Both wings raised
Colourful crest
On a bird's head.
softly it flies
To buds, flowers
Carrying colours
To more colours
Gently caress
Gentler petals
On each visit
On each bright day.


Deva said...

The magic of colours and softness of touch have come through very well. Use of natural metaphors for natural entities seem to concentrate the heady nectar of the scene.

eve's lungs said...

We are very proud of you Taj . Way to go !!

vipin goyal said...

carrying colours to more colours is a beautiful thought. Good that you mentioned only bright days,what happens on not-so-bright-day?

Kalyan said...

Beautiful have crafted the words wonderfully...we could really feel the colours and the soft nature...lovely!

floots said...

as vipin goyal said
carrying colours to more colours is a wonderful image
i really like this for it's simplicity which actually says so much
thank you