Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is a children's story I wrote when I was 15 years old.

NITIN'S KITE (part 1)

Nitin was returning from the village school . The sky looked as though it had just come from under a cart that had crossed muddy grey paths. It worried him not just because his home was faraway but because his home was faraway and he had a kite in his hand. His slate and slate pencil were pushed into a tiny bag stitched from various pieces of cloth by his mother. The kite was too large to fit in it and even if it did the cloth bag would not be able to protect it from rain.
Now for the kite. It had the depiction of a black lion with golden mane on it. He got it from an older boy in his school. Not that he gave it to Nitin out of generosity. Nitin had to give away his entire tiffin in exchange.
So Nitin was hungry. Still he was happy. He thought about flying the kite at Viswakarma Puja which was on the next day. He could not participate in the fight of kites since he had only one kite and he did not want to lose it. Besides he was too young to have the skill to cut the strings of others' kites without cutting his own. He would just let the kite go higher and higher towards the autumnal cumulus clouds.
He walked as fast as he could to reach his house before the rains started.
But it had to happen. As he was walking through a field and had still to cross the mango tree clump, the old temple and another field big drops started falling from the sky. He quickly put the kite inside his clothes. His figured must have appeared strange with the rhombus object kept across his thin body. In no time the rain started falling even more heavily. He hoped that the old temple would be open where he could take shelter.
(to be continued next week)


Art and Poetry said...

I could never write something like this you are a very good story teller. I find it odd that I can write rhymes but I cannot write like this.

Chaggoholic.... said...

I like the plot so far does hv a fascinatin touch to it....

By the way a many new posts hv bn posted by me.Check them out.I really value ur comments.Wud be fun....