Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nitin's Kite(part 3)

The clouds were a herd of huge grey elephants trampling down the sky, making loud noises. The thunder crashed as two or three of them struck their tusks together. As he was looking at the sky he fell headlong into the water. Now no one could save his kite from total destruction. After a few minutes a grown up picked up the half crying, half coughing wet Nitin in his arms. This was his elder brother. Seeing a queer shape under Nitin's shirt he took it out and threw it into the water. Nitin was brought home in another few minutes.
The next day was the Viswakarma puja. Due to continuous rainfall there was not a single kite in the sky much to the relief of Nitin who now had nothing to envy. He sat gladly at the door of his house catching fish from the still flooded field by dipping his towel.


Art and Poetry said...

The story is going well! Your education system must be good, to do this when you were 15 years old.

Deva said...

Fine descriptions in the story as a whole and skillful transition from loss to humour in the child's heart.