Saturday, August 16, 2008


They gave you a silver bowl
They forgot you have
No food to keep in it.

They gave you a necklace
They didn't notice
Your collarbone would subdue it.

You've got chandelier
But where's the ceiling?

They gave you gold pitchers
But the river has dried,
The wells lidded and taps
Releasing blood.

Talking of blood,
New fuel when the earth
Fails to leak the old one?

( another of my poems from my book of poetry One Hundred Poems published by Writers Workshop.)


Subhadip said...

very nice. Everyone can relate himself/herself to this poem in someway or other.

scatterhaiku said...

lovely symmetry with the lines here. :) and it makes a great segue into the final lines, talking about the earth. Makes for a great conclusion with breadth and scope, moving the focus from the individual to the world. :)

Art and Poetry said...

It is very nice, sadly I can only write poetry that rhymes.


Jarod K. Anderson said...

I like the blood/fuel juxtaposition. Nice work.

lethalverses said...


great play with the transition from the individual subject to the universal personification.

nice, very very nice...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice! I need to look into book.

Chaggoholic.... said...

Hey nice work dear. No wonder there are 100 more and that too published ones;) Kp writin....

Deva said...

The starkness is quite chilling.