Friday, December 14, 2007


Sloping snow land
Down to ice stream
Like gentle slope
Of a white forhead,
Sun in ice crack
An eye of it.


Deva said...

I don't know if that is intended but I like to think of it as the third eye in the white forehead of the Lord of the Snows. Is it?

jayanto ghosh said...


ur blog looks better n better. i showed ur photo in full size (which is quite tiny of course) posted in "about me" to mashi. i asked her if she knew who the actress was. she took an inordinately long time peering at it and finally exclaimed, "why, my goodness it is taj!"

i hope u will soon find time to update ur blog

cheers - sabjanta

Alok said...

the last two lines were icing on the cake ... loved it


eve's lungs said...

Taj - lovely to read your post after such a long time. All the best for your new job .We miss you a lot . You are a quiet person but not having you around makes a difference.